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“Wallner Dental Office, situated in the city of Ibiza , is proud to introduce itself as a centre in the vanguard of dentistry.”


The Wallner Dental Office, situated in the city of Ibiza, is proud to introduce itself as a centre in the vanguard of dentistry. As specialists in various areas of dentistry we can guarantee our patients that they will receive a treatment of the highest quality.

Our passion for this profession assures that all members of the team are in continuous education and training, being updated in the latest innovations, incorporating new techniques, and materials and technology of the latest generation. In this sense, the incorporation of the dental microscope guarantees us many advantages. The change from conventional dentistry to microscopic dentistry offers clear advantages since it allows us to carry out a more conservative, minimally invasive and less traumatic dentistry. The greater precision and security provided by the microscope allows us to achieve treatments with much superior results and aesthetic excellence.

We distinguish ourselves by giving special emphasis on a personalized attention for each patient. We understand that every patient is unique and requires a treatment adapted to him. In this sense, each case is studied meticulously with all the necessary time dedicated to offer all the possible therapeutic alternatives.

It is our ambition that your experience at our office should be a pleasant one and for that purpose all the members of our team make every effort to be punctual, to offer a calm environment and to provide kind and warm attention.