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A dental prosthesis is an artificial element that restores one or various lost teeth. It also allows to restore the relationship between the maxilla and the mandible. The main goal of a prosthesis is to recover the function of the mouth, that is, to give back a correct chewing efficiency, correct phonetics and a good aesthetic appearance.

Implant supported fixed prosthesis.

The ideal way to restore one or various missing teeth is with implants (titanium cylinders that function as artificial roots). Once the implant has integrated, an implant supported crown is built and fixed on the “artificial root”. The greatest advantage of this prosthetic solution is that the surrounding teeth remain intact making this the most conservative approach. Another advantage is that the progressive bone loss that occurs when a tooth is missing is avoided when implants are placed.

Tooth-supported fixed prosthesis.

These prosthesis or “bridges” substitute missing teeth by placing crowns on the adjacent teeth. To make this possible, the teeth that will support the prosthesis have to be reduced in order to allow the placement of the crowns.

Removable prosthesis.

These prosthesis have to be removed by the patient after every meal. If all teeth are missing the prosthesis rests on the gum. If there are some remaining teeth, the prosthesis is designed with “hooks” at the level of one or more teeth in order to retain the prosthesis in place.

For the elaboration of the prosthesis it is fundamental to work with a good technician. We collaborate with one of the best and most renowned in Spain, famous for the excellent aesthetic results of the prosthesis, with a laboratory equipped with up to the minute technology.