Halitosis or bad breath

“The study and treatment that we offer will eliminate the unpleasant problem of bad breath or halitosis”

The gases responsible for bad breath are volatile sulphur compounds, the main ones beeing sulphur hydrogen, metil-mercaptan and dimetil sulphur. These gases are generated by the bacterial decomposition of aminoacids present in rests of food between teeth, in the saliva, on the surface of the tongue, etc.

In 80-90% of cases where halitosis is present, the unpleasant smell has its origin in the mouth. Only in a small percentage of cases is the origin to be found outside the mouth. In these cases the problem can be due to diabetes, trimetilaminuria, lung, kidney and hepatic problems.

At the Wallner Dental Office we are trained to carry out an exhaustive exploration of your bad breath problem. Several tests are carried out to determine if the cause of bad breath is oral or systemic. We are equipped with high technology that allows us to measure and quantify the presence of these gases in your mouth.

If the origin of bad breath is oral, we are able to determine the cause and we can carry out the necessary treatment to improve the condition. If the origin is extraoral we will send you to the corresponding specialist.