Maternity and early childhood

“Personalized protocols for the prevention of caries (decay) and other oral diseases for pregnant women and new born.”

Pregnancy and early childhood are particularly important moments to get dental assistance, because the consequences of poor oral health can represent a great impact for the rest of the patient’s life.

Our aim is to educate the pregnant woman about the importance of oral health for herself and for the future baby.

It is a wrong belief that during pregnancy no dental treatment should be carried out. Prevention, diagnosis and dental treatment, including x-rays (if necessary) and the use of local anesthetics, are highly beneficial. They can be carried out during pregnancy without any additional risk neither for the mother, nor for the foetus, the disadvantages of not receiving the appropriate treatment being much greater

Future parents should know that decay is produced by bacteria (Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacilli) found in the saliva and they can be transmitted by practices such as sharing of a spoon, kisses on the mouth, cleaning of the pacifier in the parents mouth and a large etcetera. In each case the saliva is the transmitter. Therefore, it is important to treat decay as soon as possible (carrying out the necessary fillings), as well as to reduce the presence of bacteria in the saliva by means of therapeutic agents.

During pregnancy, at the Wallner Dental Office we will take care of your oral health and teach you what oral care you need to practice at home. Also, we will show you how to take care of your child’s mouth as from day one. The first dental visit of your baby should happen when it is six months old or when the first tooth appears, in order to control normal development.