“Cutting edge technology to identify the risk level for future caries (decay) or periodontal disease.”

In dentistry, prevention is based on the early detection of the disease and of the risk factors that produce it combined with a minimally invasive treatment. Therefore, we can say that the aim of prevention is to reduce or to avoid caries, to reduce the amount of fillings and other treatments, and to reduce or avoid gingivitis and periodontitis.

At the Wallner Dental Office we pay special attention to prevention since we understand that it is of paramount interest for the patient. We consider each patient individually and we carry out the necessary tests to establish the level of risk for the appearance of a dental disease, which in turn allows us to elaborate a personalized oral health care protocol. This is called the CAMBRA protocol.

We use the most innovative techniques and high technology for the treatment of decay and we employ minimally invasive dentistry thanks to the use of the dental microscope, which allows us to eliminate only the affected tissue.

We are specially trained to attend the specific dental and oral needs during pregnancy and of infants. Diseases such as caries, which are produced due to bacteria in the saliva, can be transmitted from mother to child. Our goal is to teach future parents how to prevent these problems before the child is born.