“Cutting edge equipment and use of the dental microscope in order to guarantee the best results on teeth that can be saved by means of a root canal treatment.”

An endodontic treatment, or root canal treatment, consists of eliminating the vascular-nervous bundle contained within the roots, the actual cause responsible for the pain. A caries is a cavity which grows slowly. The first to be damaged is the enamel. If caries progresses, dentin (the layer between enamel and nerve) will also be affected and if it continues to grow it will finally affect the pulp, where we find the nerve. When caries reaches the nerve, it gets infected which produces inflammation and pain and can lead to an abscess. In order to save these teeth and to restore correct mastication and an aesthetic function, a root canal treatmentt must be done

Today, the use of a microscope is practically indispensable to carry out a good endodontic treatment, since with the microscope we can see the entrances of each canal enlarged or magnified which allows us to visualize accessory canals which otherwise would remain unnoticed and could be the reason for a future failure of the treatment.

At the Wallner Dental Office, endodontic treatment is done with rotary instruments as compared to the traditional technique, and we use the latest generation of appliances: the operating microscope, the apex locator (to measure the exact length of the root), ultrasounds, special files and rotary instruments, thermoplastic gutta-percha systems, digital radiography.